Christopher Zou

Hey, nice to meet you. I'm a senior and Accel Scholar at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Biochemistry. Broadly, I want to help others live happier, healthier lives.


Right now, I'm running Health Engine, UC Berkeley's healthcare startup accelerator.

This summer, I'll be doing engineering at Nuna as a KP Fellow.

Previously, I worked on:

  • Software engineering at Datavant, LinkedIn, and Google Summer of Code
  • Healthcare consulting projects with the American Red Cross, Medtronic, Neurofit, and Myriad Genetics through Phoenix Consulting
  • Door to door sales at Choco
  • Various teaching roles: 61b, Inspirit AI


I've been trying to get better at writing for a while and maintain a casual blog called Long Exposures.

Other stuff

Talk to me about books, music, running, food, healthcare, tech.

Let's get in touch!

You can reach me at cwzou [at] berkeley [dot] edu or find my socials below.

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